Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tinashe gjorde som Tone – Seher

Tinashe wedding dress similar to the trouser suit Tone Damli was wearing last year’s celebrity gala.

SEOGHØR.NO: Saturday was the day when comedian Odd-Magnus Williamson (34) got his beautiful Tinashe Bakas Roll (29).

The couple gave apart their “yes” on Anxiety bar in downtown Oslo, and fastened upon the club Stratos next.

The bride uses a sleek pantsuit from the Norwegian designer TSH (Tina Steffenakk Hermansen) and made headlines with the beautiful white sandy blonde suit.

On the blog of Vanessa Rudjord,, she revealed that she wanted to dress up a little differently on the big day.

– I’ll wear my TSH. Tina is extremely skilled, efficient and warm. We wanted to be a little different, ballsy and with a little taste of summer and went for this. Then made Tina and her team it to me.

Celebrity Favorite

The designer has proven to be a starry favorite among many Norwegian celebrities and Tone Damli (27) resorted frequently to Hermansen design when she really want to impress.

When her sister Tale (28) got married last year stood Tone and daughter Billie (1) up with matching sequin dress from TSH.

Another occasion was under View and HORSHOLM celebrity gala in 2014, where Tone bar a beautiful pantsuit, quite similar suit Tinashe wore during the wedding.

– I feel me a little transparent, lo Tone to Look and Listen when Jan Thomas boasted of her outfit.

Blond: Tone Damli wore a trouser suit from TSH under View and HORSHOLM celebrity gala last year. Andreas Fadum

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